Round-table discussion "NO to immigration", château Holešov, 20.11.2015

On Friday, 20 November 2015, a round-table discussion took place at the château in Holešov regarding the topic "Islam and Migration". It was participated in by about 30 people. The discussion included a speech by Dawn-National Coalition MP Ing. Karel Fiedler and JUDr. Klára Samková representing the Bloc Against Islam.







The first topic of discussion was the division of the original movement and the cause of the break with former chairman Okamura. Dawn-National Coalition MP Karel Fiedler described and explained these events and circumstances and their causes in detail. The "coup", as Tomio Okamura describes it, occurred when the Dawn parliamentary group held a democratic vote regarding the further direction of Dawn and development of the movement, and Mr Okamura was outvoted 10:1. No one attempted to deprive him either of the position of chairman or of his credit for founding the movement. The MPs only demanded transparent financing of the parliamentary group and the movement, supervision of financial transactions and payments and a clear political direction. However, Mr Okamura rejected those demands. According to Karel Fiedler, this was evidently a long-term planned action, and its aim was to divide the Dawn movement, since the opinion split in the movement, which Mr Okamura asserts was a "coup", occurred in February 2015, although already in November 2014 Mr Okamura registered the website, which he subsequently used to found new new SPD movement, and this entirely disproves Mr Okamura's claims.

MP Fiedler also cited the wording of this party's statutes, Article VI (4) e) of which states:

"The party leadership shall be capable of a quorum if 4/5 members are present, and a decision shall be considered adopted if agreement with it is expressed by at least 3 members of the leadership, including the Chairperson." This means that the SPD Chairman, Tomio Okamura, has an absolute right to veto decisions about anything.


This finding clearly amused everyone present.

Dr K. Samková explained to those present her position regarding Islam from a legal point of view, particularly from the point of view of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and freedoms and the Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms.

Both guests then mentioned their trip to Calais, where at the beginning of July they visited a notorious illegal refugee camp inhabited by migrants.

Present members of the public asked numerous questions related to their alarm about the uncontrolled flow of immigrants to Europe, regardless of the fact that the refugee wave has not yet fully affected the Czech Republic. All of the citizens present expressed their concerns about the potential influence of Islam in the Czech Republic, particularly their fear of special exceptions being granted in relation to Sharia law, as is visible in other countries. Although Holešov is an area with a religious tradition, particularly in Catholicism, all of those present made absolutely clear that they wished to live in a secular state without influence from any religion on the political life in the country. At the end of the discussion, several of those present submitted requests for membership in the Bloc Against Islam.