Speech given by Klára Samková on August 25th 2016, by occasion of visit Mrs. Angela Merkel in Czech Republic

protest against Angela Merkel

My esteemed friends,

Today’s action was called in order to express our disagreement with politics of Mrs. Merkel, currently a German Chancellor. This female politician is visiting Prague for purpose of negotiations of rather vague content, whose details our media to this day did not care to mention or brought up often contrary news.

Czech lawyer debates a sunshiner on TV

The video footage from the last year's TV debate of the Czech lawyer Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb on the issue of "immigration", with English subtitles added. 

Translation of video from TV debate with Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb on site Gates of Vienna

The video footage with the last year's TV debate of Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb, where they discussed the issue of "immigration", was published on the well-known anti-islamic site Gates of Vienna with English subtitles added. People from abroad thus may get a clearer view on how this issue was discussed and how Czech public television affects the debates on this issue.

Czech President speaks plainly about Islamic culture and its effects on Civilization

Czech President Miloš Zeman speaks plainly about the immigrants practicing Islam and their influence to European culture, economics and civilization.

Daily Mail Online: 26 women are sexually assaulted at German concert

A group of asylum seekers sexually assaulted numerous women at a free concert in Germany at the weekend in attacks similar to those carried out in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Round-table discussion "NO to immigration", château Holešov, 20.11.2015

On Friday, 20 November 2015, a round-table discussion took place at the château in Holešov regarding the topic "Islam and Migration". It was participated in by about 30 people. The discussion included a speech by Dawn-National Coalition MP Ing. Karel Fiedler and JUDr. Klára Samková representing the Bloc Against Islam.