Speech given by Klára Samková on August 25th 2016, by occasion of visit Mrs. Angela Merkel in Czech Republic

protest against Angela Merkel

My esteemed friends,

Today’s action was called in order to express our disagreement with politics of Mrs. Merkel, currently a German Chancellor. This female politician is visiting Prague for purpose of negotiations of rather vague content, whose details our media to this day did not care to mention or brought up often contrary news.

Klára Samková: Islam and the principles of human rights (Ideological conference IVČRN, 25. 4. 2015)

Klára Samková at the conference of IVČRN initiative (April 2015)

On 25. 4. 2015 in Prague was held in private the ideological conference of the Czech anti-islamic initiative „Islám v ČR nechceme“ (IVČRN – literally „We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic“). There were members of the initiative themselves and activists speaking, who were previously operating primarily as administrators of the IVČRN Facebook page, as well as several local and parliamentary politicians, journalists and bloggers. One of them was the well-known Czech lawyer and human rights activist Klára Samková that in her speech focused on the relationship of human rights (as understood by Western civilization) and Islam. The text of her speech (in English) and the video (in Czech) below. 

Klára Samková: Should We Fear Islam? (English translation of her speech in Czech Parliament 18. 5. 2016)

Forum "Should We Fear Islam?"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to appear here. Today’s meeting is intended to help answer the question: should we fear Islam? I give a direct answer to this question: we certainly should not fear Islam. We should treat it in the same manner that European civilisation has successfully treated all totalitarian and inhuman regimes, which it has been forced to encounter over its two thousand year history. It should fight against Islam, win and, once and for all, restrict its spread and, the same as with previous atrocious ideologies, it should declare the actual existence of Islam a crime and in conflict with human nature, freedom, and particularly with human dignity.

Should we fear Islam? This Czech lawyer says: “We should fight against Islam and beat it”

Discussion forum "Should We Fear Islam?"

Server Gates Of Vienna notes a significant moment in the history of the Czech anti-islamic movement, namely the speech of the lawyer and activist Klára Samková presented in the Chamber of Deputies on the forum "Should we fear Islam?" on May 18th, 2016.