Hugh Fitzgerald: Why It’s Mostly Quiet on the Eastern Front, Or, How a Czech Parliamentarian Sees Islam (

Klára Samková at the conference in Parliament

A nice view on Klára Samková's speech at the conference "Should We Fear Islam?", that took place on 18. 5. 2016 in the Czech Parliament, just appeared at the site

Klára Samková debates Michael Kocáb on TV

Czech lawyer Klára Samková confronted Michael Kocáb (former Czech Minister for Human Rights) with her view on "immigrants" on public Czech TV. The debate was aired on 25. 8. 2015.

Czech lawyer debates a sunshiner on TV

The video footage from the last year's TV debate of the Czech lawyer Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb on the issue of "immigration", with English subtitles added. 

Translation of video from TV debate with Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb on site Gates of Vienna

The video footage with the last year's TV debate of Klára Samková and Michael Kocáb, where they discussed the issue of "immigration", was published on the well-known anti-islamic site Gates of Vienna with English subtitles added. People from abroad thus may get a clearer view on how this issue was discussed and how Czech public television affects the debates on this issue.