Hugh Fitzgerald: Why It’s Mostly Quiet on the Eastern Front, Or, How a Czech Parliamentarian Sees Islam (

Klára Samková at the conference in Parliament

A nice view on Klára Samková's speech at the conference "Should We Fear Islam?", that took place on 18. 5. 2016 in the Czech Parliament, just appeared at the site

We would only like to correct one mistake made by its author, Hugh Fitzgerald: Klára Samková is not a member of Czech Parliament. Actually, she isn't a member of any Czech political party at the moment. The speech she gave at this conference was spoken from her personal view, taking into account the facts that a) she is a lawyer (with a strong focus on human rights), b) she's well experienced in politics by her previous political involvements in the '90s and 2000s.

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Here is a comment that Klára Samková wrote to the author of the article, Hugh Fitzgerald:

"Dear author of this article: as the information is living its own life since the moment when it's shared on web, I feel necessity to correct several mistakes that appeared in your article:

1) I am not a member of Czech Parliament. I was member of Czechoslovak Federal Parliament in 1990 - 1992. Since this time I am unacceptable for any political party in Czech the same way as in USA. For leftists I am unacceptable because of my total unwillingness and unability to share with them their neomarxists ideas, including multiculturalism. From right and conservative parties I have been denied because they are persuaded that being conservative means to be focused on economy and the laws are only papers that would spoil their business. The ideas of big philosophers of the past, for whom the law and legal system was the main - and maybe sole - tool of free economy, have been completely abandoned by these parties.

2) I am really far away to be leftist. My political orientation is law and justice that is indivisible. It must be valid for allm or it does not work for anybody. I represented Roma/Gypsies not because they are/were minority, but because they are the weakest part of the society. And the chain is as strong as its weakest part is. Unfortunatelly this idea, so easily understandable for any person knowing the basics from the theory of law, is totally unknown amongst politicians - including you, as I see with sadness. 

3) Yes, it is true that I gave a hand to establish first Islamic bodies here in the Czech Republic, the same way as I represented, for instance, several years also Scientologist here in Czech. I truly believe in the necessity of full freedom of belief. But I realised nearly immediatelly that Islam is something very different from religion. It is an ideology of power and a way of government - the religion is only a way of its presentation. Therefore I withdrawed my helping hand immediatelly I recognized the antihumanism and totalitarian practices of this ideology. Funny thing is that it was the Muslim community from Prague who tried to discredite me by my collaboration - with themselves! 

3) Having spent my whole life out of official strucrures of governement gave me the time to think about themes of justice, such so called „minorities“, and about freedom itself generally. So, when the Islam time came - I was prepared. I had my arguments and legal points.

4) Maybe you would be pleased to know that US Congress is not – or at least in certain time was not - so hopeless place as you describe it. In the second part of the year 1992 I spent several months in the office of hon. Christopher Cox and I must say that beginning of many ideas I came to has its roots exactly in this time and in this place. 

In every case I send you my cheeeers, Klara"