A reaction from a Muslim supporter of Klára Samková

Klára Samková: "Most of all I appreciate the response from Islamic countries:"

France: Priest Has Throat Slit in Church; ISIS Claims Attack

Two knifemen slit the throat of a Catholic priest on July 26, 2016 in a church in Normandy and took at least six others hostages before being shot dead by police. The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has taken responsibility for the attack. 

Video: Klára Samková cursed the Turkish Ambassador (7. 6. 2016)

Klára Samková in front of Turkish Embassy

We bring you the English-subtitled video of Klára Samková's speech in front of the Turkish Embassy in Prague, where Klára Samková cursed the Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Necati Bigali in the end of this speech. The video is from a spontaneous event held on 7. 6. 2016 when Klára Samková's supporters gathered in front of the embassy building to read in public the text of her speech she gave at the conference "Should we fear Islam?" on 18. 5. 2015 in the Czech Chamber of Deputies.

Another link to the video from the conference "Should we fear Islam?"

Klára Samková at the conference "Should We Fear Islam?"

The English-subtitled video with the speech of Klára Samková at the conference "Should we fear Islam?" can also be found at the following link:

Reaktion aus Deutschland nach Rede im Abgeordnetenhaus (via Facebook)

Guten Tag Frau Samková, ich habe mir Ihre Rede im Abgeordnetenhaus vom 18. Mai d.J. welche im PI-NET übersetzt steht, durchgelesen: bravo, dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen. Ich bewundere Ihren Mut und Ihre Haltung. Leider sind wir Deutschen nach 1945 so gründlich "entnazifiziert" worden, dass wir selber keine eigene Identität mehr haben - außer beim Fußball - und eine Marionetten-Regierung, die wehrlos gegen die Islamisierung Deutschlands steht. Allerdings regt sich im normalen Bürger allmählich Widerstand und ich sehe böse Zeiten auf uns zukommen.

Klára Samková: Islam and the principles of human rights (Ideological conference IVČRN, 25. 4. 2015)

Klára Samková at the conference of IVČRN initiative (April 2015)

On 25. 4. 2015 in Prague was held in private the ideological conference of the Czech anti-islamic initiative „Islám v ČR nechceme“ (IVČRN – literally „We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic“). There were members of the initiative themselves and activists speaking, who were previously operating primarily as administrators of the IVČRN Facebook page, as well as several local and parliamentary politicians, journalists and bloggers. One of them was the well-known Czech lawyer and human rights activist Klára Samková that in her speech focused on the relationship of human rights (as understood by Western civilization) and Islam. The text of her speech (in English) and the video (in Czech) below. 

Daily Mail Online: 26 women are sexually assaulted at German concert

A group of asylum seekers sexually assaulted numerous women at a free concert in Germany at the weekend in attacks similar to those carried out in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Should we fear Islam? This Czech lawyer says: “We should fight against Islam and beat it”

Discussion forum "Should We Fear Islam?"

Server Gates Of Vienna notes a significant moment in the history of the Czech anti-islamic movement, namely the speech of the lawyer and activist Klára Samková presented in the Chamber of Deputies on the forum "Should we fear Islam?" on May 18th, 2016. 

Round-table discussion "NO to immigration", château Holešov, 20.11.2015

On Friday, 20 November 2015, a round-table discussion took place at the château in Holešov regarding the topic "Islam and Migration". It was participated in by about 30 people. The discussion included a speech by Dawn-National Coalition MP Ing. Karel Fiedler and JUDr. Klára Samková representing the Bloc Against Islam.

Commemoration rally at the French Embassy (14.11.2015)

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, Klara Samková attended the memorial gathering for the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, which took place in front of the French Embassy building in Prague.